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Advantages of getting a condo near a shopping complex 

Getting a condo is always the first choice of the people who get to start with a real estate investment. But, with every investment of yours, you need to start it carefully. The ideal and first choice of your house would be in a highly urbanized area. The highly urbanized area may include several shopping malls, excellent connectivity, and the presence of several recreational sites.

  • There are numerous reasons why you should pick the house, which is located near a shopping complex. Here are some of them-
  1. Extra safety and security

Safety and security is the factor, which is the most common concern of a family. Moreover, every type of shooting mall has this factor as common. They provide all-day safety and security inside and outside the building. Round-the-clock security professionals and smart CCTV’s will not allow criminals to scale your walls and enter your premises.

  1. Your condo is sited at the heart of the city

Every developer before starting the construction looks at the location. They will make sure that their business is located at that place, where a large number of residents pass through. So, if there is a shopping mall near your condo, you automatically become a resident in the center of your city. You are in the vicinity of vital parts of the cities containing schools, business districts, and roads.

If you want to know a residential construction that is near to many shopping complexes, then-District 27 of Singapore has a brilliant option for you. Buy Amber Sea and turn your dream being into the heart of the city in reality.

  1. Extra access to shops and services

Did you ever need something in emergency and want it as soon as possible. But, the long route and driving time has become a hindrance? And it would have been frustrating if you drove to the complex and found that your desired products were out of stock!

In this case, living near a shopping complex earns a bonus. It would be a matter of walking just a few minutes away from your condo and you can get everything in your hand with no hassle.

  1. A shopping mall makes up a better landmark

You must understand the importance of a landmark. Every person coming to our house, asks for your landmark and it’ really becomes tough when there’s no such huge and popular landmarks available near us. A shopping mall can be the most popular infrastructure that is well renowned. You can easily tell your first-time visitors about that shopping complex as your visible landmark. As you will be living just near the complex, so you can reach them in no time once they arrive at the mall.

Buy Amber Sea condo and make yourself eligible for all these benefits. You will have effortless access to police and emergency services while living near a huge shopping mall. Some of the most popular shopping malls in the vicinity of Amber Sea condo are-

  • Katong shopping centre.
  • Paramount shopping centre
  • The Odeon Katong
  • Katong plaza
  • Parkway Parade
  • Roxy square 1
  • Suntec city
  • City square mall
  • Orchard Road etc
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Apartments in New Buildings – The Choice of Modern Man

Many architectural solutions, a variety of technologies and such different prices for developers – choosing an apartment in a new building is quite difficult. How to really find “your” home and make the right contribution to a happy life in a new place?

Start by monitoring the offers of turnkey development companies. So you do not have to make major repairs – the cooperation of such organizations with engineers and interior designers provides a quick home. Agree that moving to a brand new and ready to move in apartment is much more pleasant than spending time on repairs, not being able to arrange an apartment in a new building “from scratch”.

commodore condo showflat

Partial disadvantages and significant advantages of new apartments

The disadvantages of buying a home in a residential complex during the construction phase or immediately after its construction can be called the share of risk and a relatively high price. The first negative factor is minimized in the case of a contract with a verified developer.
As for the size of the investment, the cost per square meter is justified by the high quality of housing. There are many more positive moments for the future resident of the new building.

  • Freedom of choice of apartments in new buildings in Canberra. Buyers of second homes do not have the opportunity to consider the master plan and among the hundreds of options to choose the optimal planning.
  • Convenience in the financial aspect. Many developers offer instalments and reduce prices before commissioning.
  • 100% comfort technologies. Silent elevators, built-in ventilation, modern boilers – components of your future comfort.
  • Unique architecture. Author’s design makes every new building in Singapore special. The apartment ceases to be just housing and becomes a work of art.
  • Additional comfort solutions, such as underground parking and outdoor seating areas, also play an important role. If you want to save time and make a purchase quickly, then there is no room for doubt!

The Commodore residential complex has a very good geolocation, it is located in the heart of Canberra, district 27 of Singapore. On the territory of Canberra there are many alleys, old parks and estates, as well as walking areas on the embankments, which are places of attraction for city dwellers looking for peace and rest from the bustle of the city by the water. A large number of cultural heritage sites, educational and sports facilities are concentrated in the region.

The district has an almost homogeneous social stratum. And now Canberra is widely known for its solid contingent; a very large percentage of elite houses and residential complexes of premium and deluxe class are located in this area. At the same time, the area continues to be gradually built up, modern elite new buildings in Canberra are being erected on sites freed from industrial facilities and dilapidated buildings.

According to experts, today Singapore’s district 27 is undoubtedly the leader in the number of luxury real estate objects. The volume of supply of elite apartments in this area significantly exceeds similar offers in other elite areas of Singapore.

Another attractive investment offers are available in the residential complex The Avenir, which is under active construction. On sale are apartments of a small to premium size by the standards of elite housing and at a favourable cost. Visit  and know more about exclusive condos of The Avenir housing complex.

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Property in Singapore

Singapore may also be ranked as the 9th costliest city in the world. But thanks to the financial grants and measures taken by the government in market regulations, most Singaporeans still can afford the home.

What sort of property can a Singaporean buy here?

There are three different types of property generally seen in Singapore:

  • Private properties
  • HDB flats
  • Executive condominium

If you want to buy an HDB flat, then you must be a permanent resident or Singapore citizen. They are also allowed to buy any other types of private properties. It may include landed bungalows, EC’s and apartments. But be aware of the restrictions before you go to buy HDB flats.

There are top-quality condominiums sited on the land of Singapore. As the need for a residence is increasing, more and more condos are getting ready for you all. Amber Sea is about to open its door for its owners in few months. It is located in district 15 and is made to provide the best level of comfort and convenience. Find out the latest updates on official website Amber Sea

What type of property can be brought by a foreigner to Singapore?

If you are a foreigner and want to buy a house in Singapore, then you do not have to hassle much in that. You can own private apartments and condos. Whereas, for buying bungalows, you will need government approval to buy such landed properties. EC’s can be brought, only if they are 10 years old.

Foreigners are not allowed to buy HDB flats in Singapore.

At what age you can buy a house in Singapore?

If you want to purchase a resale HDB flat in Singapore, then it is a must for you to be of 21 or more. If you are purchasing it as a part of the family nucleus. The nucleus may include:

  • Parents and siblings
  • Spouse and children
  • Children under legal custody (In case you are divorced or widowed)

However, if you are single (unmarried or a widow) and want to purchase an HBD flat here, then the legal age for that is 35 years old.

Can I own more than one property in Singapore?

There are no specific limits, on your purchase of private property in Singapore as a permanent resident or a citizen. You can check out one of the most awaited properties of Singapore. Find out the latest updates on price of Amber Sea.

If he is an HDB owner and wants to buy a private property, can do so. But after five years with an occupation in the same city.

It means, if you have a wish to own both private property and an HDB flat, then you must go to own an HDB flat first and occupy it for five years. Then, you will be eligible to invest in a private property, be it a local one or overseas.

Note: You cannot own more than one HDB flat. If you want to purchase another one, then you will have to dispose of the first one within six months of your second flat.

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Infrastructure in the New Building: What to Pay Attention To?

Location of Canninghill Piers at Clarke Quay (image taken from

Investors carefully choose real estate and take into account many factors when choosing a condominium. One of the main principles is the convenience of life and the availability of the necessary infrastructure. Showflat appointment can be made on for those who are interested in living king like life.

To find a good option, you need to take a close look at the following aspects:

Social and Household Facilities near the Residential Building

Before investing in the construction of a new house, it is necessary to study the transport accessibility of the area and the availability of social infrastructure. First of all, they estimate the time of the trip to the nearest metro station. Optimally, the road should not take more than 20 minutes on a personal car. The presence of a number of schools, kindergartens, medical centres, sports clubs and beauty salons are also taken into account.

It is worth taking into consideration not only the presence of the infrastructure itself. It is necessary to find out whether there is a place in the kindergarten, how much to pay for admission to a private kindergarten, to clarify the cost of medical services in the nearest private clinic.

Canninghill Piers is a dream come true for whose who want to live in River Valley. Some condominiums of this luxury site are highly demanded by wealthy foreigners and wealthy Singaporeans. Located in the district 09 of Singapore area, Canninghill apartments offer best shopping options, reputable schools and lifestyle amenities.

Internal infrastructure

This includes the home area and a number of facilities, which are located five minutes away from their entrance. For example, it can be children’s and sports fields, mini-stadiums for different types of team games (football, volleyball, basketball), green areas, walking alleys. In addition, most residential complexes have several shops on site, bakeries, bars and cafes. Again, you need to know the cost of the main products.

When it comes to dining and shopping in district 09 of Singapore, there are ample of options to offer for the residents of Canninghill Piers. The best part is great World City is just few minutes away from your complex. The malls and shopping centres of Singapore are great attractions for everyone and living nearby them is not less than a boon. If you are making your mind to buy a residential condo, don’t forget to make appointment to view Canninghill Piers.

Infrastructure for motorists

With access roads and lighting at night, developers do not have problems. But with a place to store vehicles sometimes it is very difficult. This is especially true for multi-family new buildings of the economy class. Construction companies sell underground parking lots, ground parking lots and guest parking lots. In most cases, the place should be bought separately, but there are exceptions like Canninghill Piers. These deluxe condos are designed with convenient parking areas for the residents. The 6 km corridor is added to the area for a more natural and relaxing look.

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Elite home: Luxury or Necessity?

Artist Impression of

House is not just the residence of its owner; it is also a weighty statement about its status. It is characterized by non-standard creative architecture, detailed stylish interior furnishings, harmonious location in the environment. If you are planning to buy a residence in Singapore, don’t forget to view official website Pasir Ris 8: Every unit of Pasir Ris is designed with deluxe quality material and fittings.

Features of luxury homes like Paris Ris 8

Elite houses and cottages are built not on a typical, but on an individual project, taking into account all preferences of the customer. They are characterized by the following:

  • High-quality environmentally friendly materials are used in construction.
  • Equipment of the house and the whole territory with modern engineering systems with the ability to automatically control (automatic doors and gates, alarm system, ventilation system, warm floors, fire suppression system) a large area of the house, functional layout, the presence of a sauna, billiards, office and gymnasium.
  • Original interior design using the latest decorative and finishing materials.
  • Thoughtful zoning of the outer zone, with the location of the garage, pool, gazebos, guest house and rooms for security and attendants.
  • Landscape design, corresponding to the general design of the estate.

The strategic location of Pasir Ris condos is in close association with MRT station and future cross rale line. Not only this, you can also enjoy sea view from your apartment.

There are various malls near Pasir Ris 8 like 3-storey new shopping mall and white sand shopping mall.

Who to trust in a row?

Not any company can build luxury homes. After all, such a VIP project should have increased comfort and atypical architecture. Take the contractor’s choice seriously.

  • Look at the portfolio of houses built by them, evaluate the team’s experience in these kinds of orders.
  • Do not be lazy to drive up to one of the already surrendered objects, talk to the owner, get a live recommendation from him.
  • In the office, meet a designer and architect, a likely foreman.
  • Find out all about the building materials and engineering communications that the company uses, about its suppliers.
  • Even if you choose a reliable contractor, pay attention to the key points of construction and finishing, ask questions, clarify and check.
  • If panoramic glazing, second light are included in the project, make sure it does not adversely affect the insulation and microclimate of the house,
  • Balconies, loggias, patio create a unique architectural look, but whether they are suitable for your climate. What materials will be used in the finish? Make sure they are functional and easy to operate.

Of course, everything is impossible to foresee, and during the construction, and in the subsequent operation of the house may arise unexpected moments. Therefore, immediately include in the contract with the contractor post-guarantee maintenance of buildings and systems.

Another option is to view Paris Ris 8 and purchase a condo for comfortable living at affordable prices. It is a new mixed commercial development from Allgreen and Kerry Properties.

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