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How to Max Upgrade your Hongmoon Weapon in Blade & Soul


Your first priority is upgrading your Hongmoon Weapon. You want to use a gem hammer to get 4 slots before upgrading to True Profane, if possible, otherwise you’ll have to buy extra hammers (thanks /u/Christopho).You want to get your weapon to at least True Profane, and all of your accessories to Awakened Infernal. All players know that to get the best equipment in game, they need Blade And Soul gold and lots of it. From there on,

  • Buy the Sparkling Pentagonal Diamond (25 attack power) and socket it into your weapon. It’s really expensive, I know. But it’s worth it, more so than your weapon, and you’re not going to replace it for a long time. Thanks /u/Edgegasm and /u/Christopho for the suggestion.
  • Upgrade your weapon to Awakened Siren.
  • Buy 2 more gems to socket into your weapon. My suggestions are the Brilliant Pentagonal Ruby (230 additional damage) and Brilliant Pentagonal Amethyst (Life Drain on Hit). **Note that you can go down a gem tier if these are too expensive. Look for the same stats. Gems may vary based on class, consult your class guide.
  • Upgrade accessories (in this order) to Awakened Siren: Ring, Earring, Necklace
  • Upgrade your weapon to True Siren.
  • Acquire the purple Siren Belt from Blackram Supply Chain. Upgrade this to level 10 through Bloodshade Harbor.
  • The blue Siren bracelet from Blackram Supply Chain is currently best in slot. You still want the Pirate bracelet from Bloodshade Harbor though, since you can upgrade this bracelet further in the future.
  • Upgrade accessories and weapons as you see fit, for you are now ahead of most players and are way more than capable of clearing all current content.

Moonwater Transformation Stones are obtained by either buying it from the Marketplace or crafting them yourself if you are a Soul Warden and have the Merry Potters recipe. Soulstones can be obtained from dailies or grinding Arena.

Ideally you want to transmute element packages to upgrade your weapons and accessories. Your alternative to this is using Cold Iron Offering equipment, which will cost about 10 silver per upgrade. If you’ve saved all those free elements from leveling, you should use them from Awakened Siren upwards.

If you are still working on Awakened Infernal, you can grind Tomb of the Exiles for the purple drops and use those as a cheap way to upgrade your gear, since it only costs 50 copper per upgrade using these.

From then on you should already have a really good idea of what to do. It will take you a few weeks to upgrade everything to Siren level. For more information about gear, please go to

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