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How to Max Upgrade your Hongmoon Weapon in Blade & Soul


Your first priority is upgrading your Hongmoon Weapon. You want to use a gem hammer to get 4 slots before upgrading to True Profane, if possible, otherwise you’ll have to buy extra hammers (thanks /u/Christopho).You want to get your weapon to at least True Profane, and all of your accessories to Awakened Infernal. All players know that to get the best equipment in game, they need Blade And Soul gold and lots of it. From there on,

  • Buy the Sparkling Pentagonal Diamond (25 attack power) and socket it into your weapon. It’s really expensive, I know. But it’s worth it, more so than your weapon, and you’re not going to replace it for a long time. Thanks /u/Edgegasm and /u/Christopho for the suggestion.
  • Upgrade your weapon to Awakened Siren.
  • Buy 2 more gems to socket into your weapon. My suggestions are the Brilliant Pentagonal Ruby (230 additional damage) and Brilliant Pentagonal Amethyst (Life Drain on Hit). **Note that you can go down a gem tier if these are too expensive. Look for the same stats. Gems may vary based on class, consult your class guide.
  • Upgrade accessories (in this order) to Awakened Siren: Ring, Earring, Necklace
  • Upgrade your weapon to True Siren.
  • Acquire the purple Siren Belt from Blackram Supply Chain. Upgrade this to level 10 through Bloodshade Harbor.
  • The blue Siren bracelet from Blackram Supply Chain is currently best in slot. You still want the Pirate bracelet from Bloodshade Harbor though, since you can upgrade this bracelet further in the future.
  • Upgrade accessories and weapons as you see fit, for you are now ahead of most players and are way more than capable of clearing all current content.

Moonwater Transformation Stones are obtained by either buying it from the Marketplace or crafting them yourself if you are a Soul Warden and have the Merry Potters recipe. Soulstones can be obtained from dailies or grinding Arena.

Ideally you want to transmute element packages to upgrade your weapons and accessories. Your alternative to this is using Cold Iron Offering equipment, which will cost about 10 silver per upgrade. If you’ve saved all those free elements from leveling, you should use them from Awakened Siren upwards.

If you are still working on Awakened Infernal, you can grind Tomb of the Exiles for the purple drops and use those as a cheap way to upgrade your gear, since it only costs 50 copper per upgrade using these.

From then on you should already have a really good idea of what to do. It will take you a few weeks to upgrade everything to Siren level. For more information about gear, please go to

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Transportation in winter days without movers and packers Chennai

Industrial Services & Equipment


Shipping of goods in winter days seems very hard when you are moving without movers and packers Chennai. Transportation in winter days is difficult but it is too much difficult for those people who do not think about in advance (before shipping). Everyone knows that summer is the best season to pack and moving but sometimes people have to change their location in winter season. Those individuals who can afford the charges of moving consult can shift their location easily but can’t afford the charges who face many problems while relocation without movers and packers Chennai.

Are you going to relocate your location by yourself in winter without any kind help of movers and packers Chennai? If yes, then you must prepare yourself for driving. Driving in winter days is just like an invitation to die. Fog will create several problem while journey. So, prepare your vehicle and yourself if you want to transport your valuable possessions safely. Here are some tips for safe driving in winter.

Following are the tips for driving in fogy days:

  •     Ensure that wipers of vehicle are properly working or not. Working of wipers is essential for safe driving because they clean dust from front glass.
  •     Check the battery of vehicle, battery should be charged fully. Actually, in winter days engine require heat to start. So, if battery will charged then engine will start easily.
  •     Check that headlight and indicators are working properly or not. Headlight and indicators play a vital role in safe driving in winter days. They reduce the effect of fog.

Suggestion: Don’t stop at one place for long period of time, if will stop then engine will cool down and you will face problem to start.

Caution: If you want to stop somewhere while shipping then you should switch on the parking button of your vehicle.

Other tips for secure driving

Select your root, a hard and fast rule: If possible then don’t drive in the area of dense forest. Select that root on which you will have to fewer problems when you move without movers and packers Chennai.

Repair breaks and gear box: Servicing of breaks and gear box is very important for long transportation. In previous to start journey; check that breaks and gears are working properly.

You should have some equipment at the instance of shipping: 1. First aid box, blankets and sweaters, 3 or 4 extra batteries, shovel, small tools (screw drivers, pliers), distilled water, water for drinking, break oil etc. It will be better if you move without movers and packers Chennai.

Don’t cross the limit of speed: You shouldn’t cross the speed limit for safe driving, especially in winter days because speed is very good but at the time of accident speed is very bad. You should drive your vehicle according to instructions which are mentioned on road. You should drive your truck between 40 to 60 Kilometers per hour. You can move easily with movers and packers Chennai without any problem.

These are the ways by which you can transport your goods to another location in winter days easily. For more tips look over internet. People can also go at to check out movers and packers Chennai.

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Charter Buses Area Ideal for Inland Travel and Enjoyment

Transportation Services


Are you living in a busy world where sleeping is a necessity and a vacation is such a luxury? Well, almost everybody does. Working almost non-stop is tiring and stressful that you tend to forget about yourself and the ones you loved. So, it is always nice to take a break from time to time to recharge your energy to make you ready for another set of life challenges. However, planning itself can be a bit stressful, so make sure to opt for things that make your life easier like a charter bus service featuring fun stuffs like tour packages from Singapore like malaysia tour package perhaps. If you will be taking a break, make sure the experience is all worth the while.

What is crucial with taking a vacation is the planning process. The bustle is not only about the cost of plane tickets, but also coming up with itineraries and agendas that will suit your budget and needs. Even inland travel is also complex, but finding the convenience of charter bus rental will give you the most savings and convenience.

There are tons of companies out there on the market offering charter bus, especially for tourists. Many of these are highly professional and have years of experience in the business. The rates vary from each company, but are affordable in general.

The reason why most people opt for such services is to travel by groups. This will be great if you will be traveling with your family, friends or workmates. Well, you may opt for a charter car service, but what’s the point of traveling with a huge group when you will be riding separate cars. Hence, a great solution really is to rely on charter bus rentals, like mini-bus perhaps. Mini buses are ideal for a group of 10 to 20 people. If you will be travelling with more, a regular bus or even a luxury coach can surely accommodate your needs.

Charter bus companies offer the convenience, flexibility and lots of savings. In fact, many rely on such services like schools for their field trips and other events as well as other companies for outings and official business travels. In short, there are many usages and luxury travel is just of these.

So, if you wish to travel in style and comfort, avail of charter bus service. The money spent on their services is definitely worth it as travelling aboard a charter bus is something that you have to experience when you travel. There is a wide array of websites featuring charter bus firms and their services like tour packages from singapore. Make sure to research thoroughly and make a smart decision.

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How to save money for wedding photography

Industrial Services & Equipment


If you are reading this article, I know you want your wedding day will be a success. I bet you are in the best path in writing the memories of your big day. To avoid any vices, you need to plan everything and make sure all scarce resources fit in well .photography if not planned well can ruin your wedding by biting extra share in your tight budget. This is a guidance on how you will be able to save but before that it is better you involve all close friends and family in budgeting and all the preparations. This brings us to the first point.

Start with the person next to you.

Always use friend and friends of friends for referrals and ask for discounts. Leave every negotiation to friends but constraint them to the tight budget. They will try the best to convince a photographer at an affordable price.

Ask friend take photo, treat for a meal $20 SGD 

Average photographers have between 4 to 9 years of experience. They don’t ask much than $1,500. Professionals always are expensive as they come up with a very big team of assistants just to make you hefty offer is well-taken care off. They cost at least $2,500 Am sure there must be another way. Hire the digital cameras and lenses, lighting tool and memory storage devices. Recruit about two friends that you think suitable for the job and take the shoot offs just for practices. Rent the user manuals, the e-books and video tutorials just to prepare them for the job. After the photos are taken, you can process them, edit the using computer software like Photoshop and the print them at cheaper costs.

Just hire local talent.

Hire people from your geographical location to cut expenses of transportation and class. You can also be able to be given a discount that will sum up you saves in the budget. M.C.s and the local DJ should also be decent but affordable too. Remember, this is your big day. Avoid expensive offers. If you have a friend who is a DJ, then you have the best option. I am sure he/she would not ask too much. Treat him/her with a lot of care and love. Explore around places to shop in cheaper shops

Buy wedding grow from China online market, $200 sgd

Shop online and exploit the market. Compare prices and always go for less. If there exists voucher offers the do not hesitate to take the. Wedding always grow goes for $1000-$1500 in most shops. Saving as much as $800 will be very useful.

Rent a photo studio, 2 hours, $70sgd   

A well established and big photo studios have relatively higher rental rates. Always target the upcoming studios as they will be relatively cheaper. Photo studio rental Singapore cost $35 per hour, other charges like lighting tools are charged separately. This is a bit expensive. Compare the rental photo studios rates around your place and save extra $30-$50 per hour.

Hire a freelance make-up artist, $50sgd

Always book early. I understand that the make-up artist will need to secure your date on her book, and sometimes nominal deposits are made. 20%-30% of the original price. You are probably to be awarded booking discounts. Freelancer make-up artists are many and always competing. Am sure you will be able to hire one for at least $50. Normally, they charge a bout $100-$160

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How to Choose Men’s Watches?

Fashion Accessories

Watch is one indispensable accessory for men and the importance of watches to men could compare to that of jewelries to women. Telling time accurately is the most function of the watch, but this is not the only aspect that men would take into consideration when they sourcing the perfect watches wholesale trade.

wholesale trade+men's watches for small businesses.jpg_220x220

The types of men’s watches

One classification method is to divide watches into 2 parts: mechanical and quartz. The prior difference between mechanical and quartz watches is the working mechanism. The movement, the brain part of one watch that measures and displays accurate time, of mechanical watches lies in the wound spring, rather than vibrating mineral, commonly battery, which is utilized by quartz watches. The quartz watch gets its name from key part of the inside working mechanism -vibrating mineral. The in-order working of quartz watches rely on the replacement of battery, while the mechanical ones do not and the functionality is largely depending on the craftsmanship and manufacture technology. Due to this fact, the mechanical type costs much more than quartz ones. The mechanical watches would be in service for several generations although they may require for maintain once in a while. For small businesses, however, quartz may be more suitable for its economic price. With the development of watch craftsmanship, it can not only tell time but also detailed date, direction, weather and so on. Quartz watches that equipped with wearable belt material, good craft and the function customers need could also be the favorite stuff in wholesale trade as they have long period life time.

The correct size of men’s watches

After deciding the type or style of watches preferred, then the size should be next element to consider about. In terms of the size of men’s watches for small businesses, it contains the difference in diameter and thickness of dial case, belt width. The variation of the case diameter of men’s watches is from 6 inches to 7.5 inches. For wholesale trade, people may believe that they should the medium sizes to meet the most customers’ needs but actually lager sized could also be one option for larger case diameters are not only suitable for larger wrists and they can be worn by thin wrist to make a casual over-size look. The difference may not that obvious and it mainly reflects in the detailed thickness dimension. To choose the watches’ case thickness is depending on the wearing situation. Wearing it in the environment that is likely to have crashes, then the larger thickness would be necessary. To some degree, men with small wrist should pay attention to watches of thick cases. The choice of band width is same as that principle. Small wrist people should avoid wider band. The main category of band width includes 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm.

Choosing the correct and fitting size is quite essential to make the watch to be an embellishment of the overall look. Watch is a worthwhile long-term investment as almost every type is not limited by different season and men can definitely wear one favorite watch for whole year.


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Achieve Top-Notch Professionalism with a Free download Web Design Course

Technology Services


Millions of people explore the internet to find out what they wanted in terms of products and services right from their comfortable homes. Due to this, web designing industry experienced a boost in marketing a business or making a product. A lot of companies therefore are working hard in these domains to help businesses lure these users who are your prospect customers.

Although billboards and print ads are a good source of promoting your business, but people rather choose to sit at their comfort and search the internet about their needs. An expected client would definitely check your website and will probably compare it with other service providers a step before engaging in business with you. Therefore, a good web design can be a door towards success for your business.

What does a web design include?

A set of many skills and production disciplines are needed to build and maintain a perfect web design for your business. The varied areas of web design includes user interface design, web graphics design, search engine optimization and user experience design.

And what all skills you need?

A best web design consists of a perfect integration of an array of skills. A web designer is a master in  skills such as Writing and editorial, Graphic Design Theory, Holistic circumspection self-learning, SEO, Web page production in HTML/CSS, Listening and discernment, Business sense, etc.

Want to be a pro in web designing? We’ll help!

At Novage- being a web design industry since 2010 and with an experience and customer trust of past 5 years in the field of web design, we have precisely designed our web design courses for professionals who want to build their career in this industry. From a shore of Singapore office, we share on the beam free to download web design course for the passionate aspirants.

And does your website talk to customers?

A superb web design with an excellent graphics is directionless without a strong content. Inability to properly leverage the value proposition may not help your business achieve heights you want it to. Instead a clear definition of online customer value proposition will help you comprehend your online service encouraging existing and new customers engagement.

Offering the best online marketing services in Singapore, Wynnseo is one of the leading brands in terms of Digital Online Marketing. Keeping in mind the top marketing elements such as Mobile considerations, consistent SEO strategy, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. we try to create a perfect digital footprint of your business.

We help your business deliver online digital and inbound marketing ideas for success in an integrated and cohesive manner. With a skilled team of expert knowledge in the field of internet marketing services, we help bring our clients’ websites to unprecedented levels of success. Having experienced SEO services and equipped with effective online marketing strategies, Wynnseo helps turn your website into your business’ most powerful lead generator.

Our specialized marketing teams works to elevate your conversions, repeat incoming traffic and expand your online visibility offering the best online marketing services in Singapore. Our marketing ideas help your business flourish increasing your traffic with an effective search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Let us get you qualified leads and turn them into brand ambassadors for your business.

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How to choose a computer for school

How-to-choose-a computer-for-school

How to choose a computer school, a lot of students have raised such a question. So here, the teacher for “how to choose to support computer school!
An excellent training institutions need to have at least ten basic conditions, to participate in IT training students, according to the following standards, to choose.
How to choose a computer for school — look at the brand
First of all, to understand the history of the school and the status quo, as well as the idea of running a school. Try to choose a long history, brand and credibility of the better schools. Be sure to find a school, the training institutions in the small area is best not to choose, to go to a regular school more assured. First class school is to do the brand, the education industry is the most important thing is integrity, reputation is a school of the most important things, so often have negative news of the school do not choose.
And the relevant departments of the news industry for the audit is very strict.
Students to choose the training institutions, in addition to attention to the cost of study, should pay close attention to the composition of the cost of the study, and whether it is reasonable, good products and services prices should not too low, accordingly, if the price is low, products and services is likely to also will corresponding discount. Reasonable training costs, should be combined with employment services, curriculum system, educational system, certificates, teachers and so on, rather than simply to cost for the selection of training institutions, the only standard.
Conclusion: the tuition fee should be proportional to the employment service, curriculum system, educational system and certificate of the school.

Where is the teacher from? Is there any project experience? Is there a teaching and research institution? Is the curriculum system reasonable? These are the foundation of achievement skills. Computer industry is changing from day to day, computer technology every day are in innovation, like traditional Chinese University lecturer of computer professional, most of them are on the age old pedagogue, before they may is the computer industry, a senior expert Professor, but the updating speed of college textbooks is far from the reality of computer technology update speed, now University Department of computer science teacher is still day-to-day speak antiquated computer technology and principle, so it caused the fault disconnection between university students and social reality, college students employment difficult situation. Can see how the teacher’s level is the key, a good teacher to attract the old teacher, to the IT field of the elite to dig up when the teacher’s school is really a good school.

Sharp tools make good work Teaching equipment is the basis for ensuring the teaching results, good education must have good hardware facilities, hardware facilities is a good platform for students to practice. Some computer schools is an empty building, some schools will be imposed on the hardware implementation of the students, so that students buy their own computer, so the school students choose to pay special attention to the. Computer schools can not guarantee that the student’s hand a machine, can guarantee the students hands-on practice time, is the key to choose the school.

A good learning environment and learning atmosphere is to decide whether students can learn, learn the essence of Guan Jian. Whether there is a elegant and comfortable space, whether separate teaching professional, learning atmosphere is strong, whether the teachers attentively treat each student, room exercises tutor is careful guidance, students on the machine class is orderly? All of these conditions will affect the students’ study and life. Some vocational school with any major open, as long as it is popular professional, regardless of whether they have no teachers, and there is no ability, unconditional offer, as long as the students pay close, this “comprehensive” vocational school, do not choose. Such as some schools can not only teach the computer, but also opened a beauty salons, cook, automotive, welding, excavators, English, Japanese, and so on, so many of the professional in the same school learning, the school is no good learning atmosphere. The students should also pay attention to, only to cultivate professional talents!

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