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Do you Live Better on the Ground Floor or on the First Floor?

When you find yourselves choosing a home, there are many things that you must consider. One of these is the position that occupies the dwelling within the building. Is it better to live on the ground floor or on the intermediate floors or on the top floor? There is no one choice objectively better than the other. What matters is to weigh the pros and cons of each alternative and measure the choice according to your habits and needs.

  1. Ground floor

The real estate market offers different solutions of housing on the ground floor. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this housing choice.


  • Private garden. A ground floor apartment usually allows you to enjoy your own garden or private courtyard. This outdoor space is not accessible to other residents of the building and can be used at will for your needs. For example, for lovers of cultivation, the outdoor space can be exploited to create a small private vegetable garden. A courtyard can, however, be furnished to become an extension of the living area. Finally, the garden represents an added value for those who share the apartment with some four-legged friends.
  • Better accessibility. It is a fact: a house on the ground floor is more comfortable and easy to access. Often the apartments on the ground floor also have a private entrance from the courtyard that the other apartments obviously cannot have.
  • Greater freedom. A ground floor apartment enjoys the fact that it does not have apartments located below, but only above. There is no need, therefore, to pay too much attention to the noises that can be made on the floor, moving chairs or other.
  • Cooler in summer. The ground floor is usually the housing solution that allows you to have a cooler climate during the summer. The fact of having a private garden allows you to receive more shade from the nearby trees.

If you are planning to purchase a condominium in Tengah town, it is best to enquire about Tengah EC price before finalizing any deal. Another option is to register yourself for Tengah EC show flat viewing to get an ideal about infrastructure quality and deluxe facilities offered by the developers.


  • Less security. An element that falls within the disadvantages of an apartment on the ground floor is certainly related to the aspect of security. In this case, the problem can obviously be overcome with a good anti-theft system.
  • Less privacy. The fact of living on the ground floor has the consequence of being more easily accessible even to the sight of passers-by or curious. The solution could be to adopt curtains that allow light to enter but at the same time guarantee privacy.
  1. First floor and intermediate floors

As you can imagine some aspects that for the ground floor represent a disadvantage for the first floor or the subsequent floors are instead an advantage.


  • More security. The level of security that we find in the houses on the upper floors is certainly greater than in the houses that develop on the ground floor.
  • More constant temperature. The solutions found in condominiums on the first or intermediate floors usually allow you to have an internal temperature that remains more stable. The fact of being surrounded by other housing units allows us to receive the warmth of the neighbouring walls and preserve the ideal climate for longer during the winter.
  • More privacy. Contrary to the ground floor, the upper floors enjoy greater privacy.
  • Less smog. In areas near the centre or near a very busy road, as we go up the floor there is a decrease in smog levels with a consequent increase in the healthiness of the premises.


  • The stairs. The houses that are located on the upper floors, especially in the case of buildings not equipped with a lift, objectively present a difficulty related to accessibility. In my opinion, having to climb and descend stairs could also be seen as an advantage for one’s physical health.
  • Hot in summer. While in winter the intermediate floors can enjoy a milder temperature, in summer it may be the most difficult area of the building to cool.
  1. Top floor

Finally, we have the solution of the house located on the top floor. The advantages and disadvantages of these apartments are the same as on the first floor or intermediate floors. In addition to those already listed above, two advantages that concern in particular penthouses:

  • The view. The top floor of each building gives those who live there the pleasure of a unique panorama and at the same time a better exposure to light.
  • Silence and intimacy. Especially in the case of an attic, which occupies the entire upper floor of a building, you can enjoy a quiet environment. The top floor is known to be the most intimate and unique solution among the positions available in an apartment building.
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Living near MRT has its liberties 

When you select to acquire equity for investment goals, you’d anticipate that one day, you’d be eligible to turn over a good profit (either from leasing it out or selling it off).

Even if you plan to purchase a house for your stay in the close future, it’s nicest to be confident that it sits to enhance, in phrases of significance and desirability.

Mass Rapid transit station, MRT for brief is an immediate transit system that is a thriving railway system in Singapore. It is a train that runs from around 5.30 am to midnight with raised hours in festive duration. This is a major source of conveyance in Singapore but for those living close to it, MRT stations give some advantage to the inhabitants like those in ThiamSiew Condo. For having a look at Thiam Siew residences check this page

Some advantages that the MRT station in Singapore are giving as follows:-

  • Appreciation of the value

Properties located near to transport centers are appreciated in phrases of price additional than those which are slight ideally positioned. Even though the preliminary rates of occupancy here are slightly higher than ordinary, the advantages of significance and ease of conveyance tend to weigh it down.

  • Limited air pollution

With MRT stations being utilized more constantly in contrast to a private vehicle, citizens lose would encounter a gradual decrease in pollution as fewer automobiles are used, and the air comes to be neater. The purpose government favors public transport is moreover this: less air pollution!

  • Advancement of infrastructure

Near MRT stations, it’s relatively normal to find fresh evolving infrastructures such as hotels, stores, clinics, etc. The people residing near MRT stations are, thus at an advantage as they have the comfort of passage to these areas.

  • No transport issues

Since this MRT station can run throughout the metropolis, you would not have to encounter any vehicle issues. In case of unavailability of private transport, Thiam Siew condo developer has taken care that you can handily make use of this means of conveyance to fulfill your every objective.

  • Preventing traffic on the path

It is simple for those living near MTR stations to prevent traffic by using the MTR train to get to their ends. The comfort of touring without traffic would recoup your period and get you limited tired!

We have glimpsed with the above-clarified elements that people residing near MTR stations in Singapore are in an enormous benefit when it appears to recoup time, wealth, action, etc. with so much usefulness and why would one not expect to live in such a spot? Of course, dwelling near an MTR station would retain its disadvantages but if we look for its usefulness. Thus, we can infer that people dwelling near MTR stations have greatly to profit from.

One such great condo in District 15 is about to open its doors for all the potential residents in a few years. Moreover, you can check out the picture and overall plan on its official website.



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Why is it necessary to learn the fundamentals of PDPA via an online course?

Education & Learning Technology Services

Before entering into a work environment, as an employee, individuals must know a lot of essential things. All those things help and are beneficial for the company, clients, and employees. There is a lot, of course, are available to learn, all those courses are not long-term courses, and it ends in one day or within three days.

Why do PDPA courses?

Companies prefer to secure their data, customer data, and employee data. As an employee, individuals should know all the best ways to secure it; that’s why to learn about it completely, you have to study and learn from the fundamentals of personal data protection. The basic thing you can learn from this course is

  • What are the different types of personal data?
  • What are rights do the individuals have under data protection regulation?
  • What is the significance behind securely saving electronic data and hard copy data?
  • How can you learn it from a real-life example?

All these are the key learning points you will study in the personal data protection course fundamentals. By doing this course, you can learn how to act legislatively for the protection of data, plus also the significance of securing the data of your organization.

iso consultant singapore

Things to learn from this course:

Nowadays, multiple industries expect individuals to complete this course because people who do not know the basic key elements are making many mistakes in securing personal data. The course duration of fundamentals of personal data protection is three days; you can learn it faster and simpler in a short time. It is not like other long-term courses you are studying; these are basic courses which will be helpful in your reliable working environment a lot.

Learn via the online platform:

The individuals don’t need to complete the course by physically going to the institution. Now, this course is available in the eLearning option, which means you can complete and get certified in this course via an online platform. You can experience and know the best practices to follow; in a reliable life, it will help your industry a lot.

More than others, you can gain customer trust easily, and you can always remain on the right side of business compliance. A company always prefers all these characteristics from an employee; you can provide them by completing this data protection course.

Recommend to everyone:

In the course, you can study the rights and obligations, plus they will teach the data protection principles. If you wonder you can’t afford the course, then it is not. It is not as expensive as you imagine, everyone can complete it as an additional course. Choose the right online platform to learn it, and it will be helpful for your present and future data protection activities. You can perform as an experienced person in the data protection activity, and you can recommend to others so that while joining an organization, they can perform well in data protection

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Try comfy sprays for your tots

Teething is a natural and normal process but may be a painful experience for babies and toddlers. Too often, well-meaning parents and caretakers who want to alleviate a child’s discomfort end up with some pills and products that could be harmful.

Delegating children’s gums with prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications, homeopathic pills, or teething products traded for alleviating teething discomfort may look like good options. But those derivatives can be hazardous and can lead to significant injury or even casualty. This also pertains to older children with special desires who may use teething jewelry for sensory incitation.

What you Can Perform to Ease your kid’s Teething Pain

  • If the gums of your child are swollen and tender, just gently massage the gums with your finger, or give your kid a teething ring made of stiff rubber to munch on. Make sure the teething ring is not frigid. If the item is too tough, it can damage your child’s gums. Parents should oversee their children so they don’t accidentally gulp on the teething ring.
  • For temporary solace from aches, you can gently massage your baby’s gums with a neat, bare finger or with it draped in neat, moist fabric. The massaging effort assists neutralize the uncertainty of the incoming tooth.
  • In case of terrible teething pain, ask your healthcare provider about using an over-the-counter pain reliever like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Be sure you try only the approved dose quantity for your child’s age.
  • Parents have been witnessing their children’s teething hardship for as extended as parents and kids have been over. Along the way, the human class has formulated several means to lower the discomfort of this biological process of dental development. Benzocaine is a topical anesthetic always established in oral products like Anbesol and Orajel to help ease tooth discomfort or sensitivity. These things can be found in ointment, gel, and Oral spray for kids and lozenge products retailed over-the-counter.

Parents and caregivers of teenagers with special desires who may expect sensory impulses should discuss with their child’s health care provider about comfortable alternatives and medication. Jewelry traded for ridding teething irritation and to give sensory invitation can lead to severe injuries, including choking and strangulation. Thereafter, you can step safe and opt for Tots Teething Relief Oral Spray available at Naturelova for your toddler. You can use it for relief of cranky, irritated, or unhappy babies due to any type of teething issues.

For children taking a conventional oral supplement can be tricky. Our Oral spray for kids gives a convenient and effective way to support toddlers to teens. Proposed to provide optimum relief delivery, each spray delivers the active component in micro-sized droplets that saturate the soft tissue of the internal cheek. This allows the formulation to promptly infiltrate the bloodstream for optimal absorption.

We understand that for children especially, taking a conventional oral supplement can be complicated. Hence, children’s health is incredibly close to Naturelova. We realize the challenges in assuring little ones get the main components when they need help with their sleep, peace, or just their throat. Moreover, you can also help your kid to upgrade their immune system by trying the most effective immunity booster supplements.

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Advantages of getting a condo near a shopping complex 

Getting a condo is always the first choice of the people who get to start with a real estate investment. But, with every investment of yours, you need to start it carefully. The ideal and first choice of your house would be in a highly urbanized area. The highly urbanized area may include several shopping malls, excellent connectivity, and the presence of several recreational sites.

  • There are numerous reasons why you should pick the house, which is located near a shopping complex. Here are some of them-
  1. Extra safety and security

Safety and security is the factor, which is the most common concern of a family. Moreover, every type of shooting mall has this factor as common. They provide all-day safety and security inside and outside the building. Round-the-clock security professionals and smart CCTV’s will not allow criminals to scale your walls and enter your premises.

  1. Your condo is sited at the heart of the city

Every developer before starting the construction looks at the location. They will make sure that their business is located at that place, where a large number of residents pass through. So, if there is a shopping mall near your condo, you automatically become a resident in the center of your city. You are in the vicinity of vital parts of the cities containing schools, business districts, and roads.

If you want to know a residential construction that is near to many shopping complexes, then-District 27 of Singapore has a brilliant option for you. Buy Amber Sea and turn your dream being into the heart of the city in reality.

  1. Extra access to shops and services

Did you ever need something in emergency and want it as soon as possible. But, the long route and driving time has become a hindrance? And it would have been frustrating if you drove to the complex and found that your desired products were out of stock!

In this case, living near a shopping complex earns a bonus. It would be a matter of walking just a few minutes away from your condo and you can get everything in your hand with no hassle.

  1. A shopping mall makes up a better landmark

You must understand the importance of a landmark. Every person coming to our house, asks for your landmark and it’ really becomes tough when there’s no such huge and popular landmarks available near us. A shopping mall can be the most popular infrastructure that is well renowned. You can easily tell your first-time visitors about that shopping complex as your visible landmark. As you will be living just near the complex, so you can reach them in no time once they arrive at the mall.

Buy Amber Sea condo and make yourself eligible for all these benefits. You will have effortless access to police and emergency services while living near a huge shopping mall. Some of the most popular shopping malls in the vicinity of Amber Sea condo are-

  • Katong shopping centre.
  • Paramount shopping centre
  • The Odeon Katong
  • Katong plaza
  • Parkway Parade
  • Roxy square 1
  • Suntec city
  • City square mall
  • Orchard Road etc
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Apartments in New Buildings – The Choice of Modern Man

Many architectural solutions, a variety of technologies and such different prices for developers – choosing an apartment in a new building is quite difficult. How to really find “your” home and make the right contribution to a happy life in a new place?

Start by monitoring the offers of turnkey development companies. So you do not have to make major repairs – the cooperation of such organizations with engineers and interior designers provides a quick home. Agree that moving to a brand new and ready to move in apartment is much more pleasant than spending time on repairs, not being able to arrange an apartment in a new building “from scratch”.

commodore condo showflat

Partial disadvantages and significant advantages of new apartments

The disadvantages of buying a home in a residential complex during the construction phase or immediately after its construction can be called the share of risk and a relatively high price. The first negative factor is minimized in the case of a contract with a verified developer.
As for the size of the investment, the cost per square meter is justified by the high quality of housing. There are many more positive moments for the future resident of the new building.

  • Freedom of choice of apartments in new buildings in Canberra. Buyers of second homes do not have the opportunity to consider the master plan and among the hundreds of options to choose the optimal planning.
  • Convenience in the financial aspect. Many developers offer instalments and reduce prices before commissioning.
  • 100% comfort technologies. Silent elevators, built-in ventilation, modern boilers – components of your future comfort.
  • Unique architecture. Author’s design makes every new building in Singapore special. The apartment ceases to be just housing and becomes a work of art.
  • Additional comfort solutions, such as underground parking and outdoor seating areas, also play an important role. If you want to save time and make a purchase quickly, then there is no room for doubt!

The Commodore residential complex has a very good geolocation, it is located in the heart of Canberra, district 27 of Singapore. On the territory of Canberra there are many alleys, old parks and estates, as well as walking areas on the embankments, which are places of attraction for city dwellers looking for peace and rest from the bustle of the city by the water. A large number of cultural heritage sites, educational and sports facilities are concentrated in the region.

The district has an almost homogeneous social stratum. And now Canberra is widely known for its solid contingent; a very large percentage of elite houses and residential complexes of premium and deluxe class are located in this area. At the same time, the area continues to be gradually built up, modern elite new buildings in Canberra are being erected on sites freed from industrial facilities and dilapidated buildings.

According to experts, today Singapore’s district 27 is undoubtedly the leader in the number of luxury real estate objects. The volume of supply of elite apartments in this area significantly exceeds similar offers in other elite areas of Singapore.

Another attractive investment offers are available in the residential complex The Avenir, which is under active construction. On sale are apartments of a small to premium size by the standards of elite housing and at a favourable cost. Visit  and know more about exclusive condos of The Avenir housing complex.

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Wasp control methods: Chemical and Folk Remedies

Who can spoil dinner, jam, juice or any manipulation of fruit? Summer residents and housewives guessed: we are talking about wasps and hornets. Insidious insects eat fruit, sit on the table and dishes, and interfere with work. To make the summer successful, and wasps bypassed your home, check out the methods of fighting insects.

Why did wasps appear?

Wasps are insects that you will find in almost every corner of the world. Their habitat is different, but often individuals settle near human dwellings. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Suitable locations for nesting: The female prefers to live in attics, under a roof, on the crowns of trees and bushes. Some insects build nests in the ground, near a vegetable garden or garden.
  2. Constant availability of food: It’s not just about plants and fruits. For insects, the larvae living in the garden are important for feeding the offspring. They also do not disdain food from the waste left after eating food by a person.

Why are wasps dangerous?

First of all, bites. It has been proven that wasp venom is more dangerous than bee venom. Another difference between insects is that the wasp does not have a stinger, so it is able to bite a person many times.

An encounter with one or more stinging insects can be fatal, as many people are prone to allergic reactions. There are many known cases of Quincke’s oedema and other unpleasant consequences of a bite. Therefore, even if you are not prone to allergies, avoid contact with pests.

Also wasps:

  • destroy the harvest of fruits, spoiling them with bites;
  • spoil food;
  • lead to the death of bees;
  • consume honey reserves in bee hives.

Organizational Wasp Control Methods

How to protect yourself and the site from the occurrence of wasps? One or two individuals won’t do much harm, but the colony poses a serious danger. It is important to know how to deal with pests.

  1. Mechanical traps are an effective method of dealing

Purchase a ready-made mechanical trap. It works effectively and gives one hundred percent results. There are a huge number of different types for different conditions – choose the right one.

  1. The use of chemicals

Wasps are aggressive, do not always die from purchased products, and it is also difficult to find their nests. A much greater guarantee of the destruction of insects is provided by the use of chemicals.

Insecticides are sold in specialty stores. They are sprayed or laid out in insect habitats. However, using chemistry on your own is not recommended. To protect yourself and your loved ones, entrust the procedure for destroying nests to bed bug removal.

  1. Biological protection against wasps

Another proven tool that can destroy the wasp population is biological drugs. These include:

  • pathogenic microorganisms;
  • fungi;

Biologicals look like microcapsules. Whenever possible, users place them in wasp’s nests or near their habitats. One capsule is capable of destroying an entire brood of insects. Drugs based on pathogenic microorganisms are not very common, so they are difficult to find.

There are many methods of dealing with wasps – everyone chooses the right one. Let’s say one thing: it is difficult to get rid of insects without pest control management experts. You can remove pests on your site, but guests from neighbours will fly to you. The best solution is for everyone to unite and call the pest control service, which will provide the whole village with calm and carefree summer.

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Types of Private Dog Training 

Private dog training is not just one thing. There are various forms of dog training, from which you can choose the most appropriate one. Privately with an expert, your dog will be trained more exclusively. Your pet will get the best out of his training and correct his behavior in a short period.

While looking for some private dog training courses for your doggie, here are the types you may go through:

Puppy training

As the name suggests, this sort of training constitutes an interaction between a personal trainer and your young puppy. If you want to prevent your puppy from absorbing bad habits, then you must start his training sessions in his earlier days only. No one wants to see aggressive and bad behavior in their puppies.

Trainers keep a track of your puppy’s actions and the ability of learning. It is said that a puppy can learn faster as compared to a grown-up dog. So, besides their cuteness, their perfect actions and good etiquette are important to attract everyone’s sight.

Behavioral training

It is the most common type of training for dogs. People come with a hope of improving their dog’s behavior and make them equipped with lots of skills.

This type of training is the one which most probably you are looking for. This training is all about correcting the behavior of your doggie.

But how would you get to know that if your dog needs this training me not? This is simple. If he is acting badly and doing some unwanted things like loud barking and chewing, then you should go for training sessions for your dog. Before you step advanced in dog training activities, this comes as a necessary part as a basic. Advanced behavioral training includes off-leash dog training and leash training.

If you have decided and looking for some dog training courses for your dog, then you are most welcome at the official website of Dog Training. Here, you can get our expert-driven training and advice whenever you want.

General and obedience training

It is a type of logical follow-up where you make your dog learn to obey your commands. They may include, sit, run and rollover.

This private dog obedience lessonlater on, can involve advanced training like jumping an obstacle and improving the athleticism of your dog.

Therapy or service dog training

If you want your dog to show affection, love, and support, then you must go for this training.

Before becoming a therapy dog, your dog needs to pass through basic obedience training.

Dogs are naturally opined to be emotionally attached and influenced by their masters. It is very important to make him teach these affectionate behaviors, to strengthen the bond between the dog and you.

Hunting dog training

If your dog is going to join you in herding, hunting, or doing activities like rescue dogs, it will require specialized training.

It highly depends upon the breed of the dog and the competency of the trainer.

Contact Dog training directly at +6591133323 or simply mail to

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Property in Singapore

Singapore may also be ranked as the 9th costliest city in the world. But thanks to the financial grants and measures taken by the government in market regulations, most Singaporeans still can afford the home.

What sort of property can a Singaporean buy here?

There are three different types of property generally seen in Singapore:

  • Private properties
  • HDB flats
  • Executive condominium

If you want to buy an HDB flat, then you must be a permanent resident or Singapore citizen. They are also allowed to buy any other types of private properties. It may include landed bungalows, EC’s and apartments. But be aware of the restrictions before you go to buy HDB flats.

There are top-quality condominiums sited on the land of Singapore. As the need for a residence is increasing, more and more condos are getting ready for you all. Amber Sea is about to open its door for its owners in few months. It is located in district 15 and is made to provide the best level of comfort and convenience. Find out the latest updates on official website Amber Sea

What type of property can be brought by a foreigner to Singapore?

If you are a foreigner and want to buy a house in Singapore, then you do not have to hassle much in that. You can own private apartments and condos. Whereas, for buying bungalows, you will need government approval to buy such landed properties. EC’s can be brought, only if they are 10 years old.

Foreigners are not allowed to buy HDB flats in Singapore.

At what age you can buy a house in Singapore?

If you want to purchase a resale HDB flat in Singapore, then it is a must for you to be of 21 or more. If you are purchasing it as a part of the family nucleus. The nucleus may include:

  • Parents and siblings
  • Spouse and children
  • Children under legal custody (In case you are divorced or widowed)

However, if you are single (unmarried or a widow) and want to purchase an HBD flat here, then the legal age for that is 35 years old.

Can I own more than one property in Singapore?

There are no specific limits, on your purchase of private property in Singapore as a permanent resident or a citizen. You can check out one of the most awaited properties of Singapore. Find out the latest updates on price of Amber Sea.

If he is an HDB owner and wants to buy a private property, can do so. But after five years with an occupation in the same city.

It means, if you have a wish to own both private property and an HDB flat, then you must go to own an HDB flat first and occupy it for five years. Then, you will be eligible to invest in a private property, be it a local one or overseas.

Note: You cannot own more than one HDB flat. If you want to purchase another one, then you will have to dispose of the first one within six months of your second flat.

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Infrastructure in the New Building: What to Pay Attention To?

Location of Canninghill Piers at Clarke Quay (image taken from

Investors carefully choose real estate and take into account many factors when choosing a condominium. One of the main principles is the convenience of life and the availability of the necessary infrastructure. Showflat appointment can be made on for those who are interested in living king like life.

To find a good option, you need to take a close look at the following aspects:

Social and Household Facilities near the Residential Building

Before investing in the construction of a new house, it is necessary to study the transport accessibility of the area and the availability of social infrastructure. First of all, they estimate the time of the trip to the nearest metro station. Optimally, the road should not take more than 20 minutes on a personal car. The presence of a number of schools, kindergartens, medical centres, sports clubs and beauty salons are also taken into account.

It is worth taking into consideration not only the presence of the infrastructure itself. It is necessary to find out whether there is a place in the kindergarten, how much to pay for admission to a private kindergarten, to clarify the cost of medical services in the nearest private clinic.

Canninghill Piers is a dream come true for whose who want to live in River Valley. Some condominiums of this luxury site are highly demanded by wealthy foreigners and wealthy Singaporeans. Located in the district 09 of Singapore area, Canninghill apartments offer best shopping options, reputable schools and lifestyle amenities.

Internal infrastructure

This includes the home area and a number of facilities, which are located five minutes away from their entrance. For example, it can be children’s and sports fields, mini-stadiums for different types of team games (football, volleyball, basketball), green areas, walking alleys. In addition, most residential complexes have several shops on site, bakeries, bars and cafes. Again, you need to know the cost of the main products.

When it comes to dining and shopping in district 09 of Singapore, there are ample of options to offer for the residents of Canninghill Piers. The best part is great World City is just few minutes away from your complex. The malls and shopping centres of Singapore are great attractions for everyone and living nearby them is not less than a boon. If you are making your mind to buy a residential condo, don’t forget to make appointment to view Canninghill Piers.

Infrastructure for motorists

With access roads and lighting at night, developers do not have problems. But with a place to store vehicles sometimes it is very difficult. This is especially true for multi-family new buildings of the economy class. Construction companies sell underground parking lots, ground parking lots and guest parking lots. In most cases, the place should be bought separately, but there are exceptions like Canninghill Piers. These deluxe condos are designed with convenient parking areas for the residents. The 6 km corridor is added to the area for a more natural and relaxing look.

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