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Do you Live Better on the Ground Floor or on the First Floor?

When you find yourselves choosing a home, there are many things that you must consider. One of these is the position that occupies the dwelling within the building. Is it better to live on the ground floor or on the intermediate floors or on the top floor? There is no one choice objectively better than the other. What matters is to weigh the pros and cons of each alternative and measure the choice according to your habits and needs.

  1. Ground floor

The real estate market offers different solutions of housing on the ground floor. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this housing choice.


  • Private garden. A ground floor apartment usually allows you to enjoy your own garden or private courtyard. This outdoor space is not accessible to other residents of the building and can be used at will for your needs. For example, for lovers of cultivation, the outdoor space can be exploited to create a small private vegetable garden. A courtyard can, however, be furnished to become an extension of the living area. Finally, the garden represents an added value for those who share the apartment with some four-legged friends.
  • Better accessibility. It is a fact: a house on the ground floor is more comfortable and easy to access. Often the apartments on the ground floor also have a private entrance from the courtyard that the other apartments obviously cannot have.
  • Greater freedom. A ground floor apartment enjoys the fact that it does not have apartments located below, but only above. There is no need, therefore, to pay too much attention to the noises that can be made on the floor, moving chairs or other.
  • Cooler in summer. The ground floor is usually the housing solution that allows you to have a cooler climate during the summer. The fact of having a private garden allows you to receive more shade from the nearby trees.

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  • Less security. An element that falls within the disadvantages of an apartment on the ground floor is certainly related to the aspect of security. In this case, the problem can obviously be overcome with a good anti-theft system.
  • Less privacy. The fact of living on the ground floor has the consequence of being more easily accessible even to the sight of passers-by or curious. The solution could be to adopt curtains that allow light to enter but at the same time guarantee privacy.
  1. First floor and intermediate floors

As you can imagine some aspects that for the ground floor represent a disadvantage for the first floor or the subsequent floors are instead an advantage.


  • More security. The level of security that we find in the houses on the upper floors is certainly greater than in the houses that develop on the ground floor.
  • More constant temperature. The solutions found in condominiums on the first or intermediate floors usually allow you to have an internal temperature that remains more stable. The fact of being surrounded by other housing units allows us to receive the warmth of the neighbouring walls and preserve the ideal climate for longer during the winter.
  • More privacy. Contrary to the ground floor, the upper floors enjoy greater privacy.
  • Less smog. In areas near the centre or near a very busy road, as we go up the floor there is a decrease in smog levels with a consequent increase in the healthiness of the premises.


  • The stairs. The houses that are located on the upper floors, especially in the case of buildings not equipped with a lift, objectively present a difficulty related to accessibility. In my opinion, having to climb and descend stairs could also be seen as an advantage for one’s physical health.
  • Hot in summer. While in winter the intermediate floors can enjoy a milder temperature, in summer it may be the most difficult area of the building to cool.
  1. Top floor

Finally, we have the solution of the house located on the top floor. The advantages and disadvantages of these apartments are the same as on the first floor or intermediate floors. In addition to those already listed above, two advantages that concern in particular penthouses:

  • The view. The top floor of each building gives those who live there the pleasure of a unique panorama and at the same time a better exposure to light.
  • Silence and intimacy. Especially in the case of an attic, which occupies the entire upper floor of a building, you can enjoy a quiet environment. The top floor is known to be the most intimate and unique solution among the positions available in an apartment building.
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