Advantages of getting a condo near a shopping complex 

Real Estate & Property

Getting a condo is always the first choice of the people who get to start with a real estate investment. But, with every investment of yours, you need to start it carefully. The ideal and first choice of your house would be in a highly urbanized area. The highly urbanized area may include several shopping malls, excellent connectivity, and the presence of several recreational sites.

  • There are numerous reasons why you should pick the house, which is located near a shopping complex. Here are some of them-
  1. Extra safety and security

Safety and security is the factor, which is the most common concern of a family. Moreover, every type of shooting mall has this factor as common. They provide all-day safety and security inside and outside the building. Round-the-clock security professionals and smart CCTV’s will not allow criminals to scale your walls and enter your premises.

  1. Your condo is sited at the heart of the city

Every developer before starting the construction looks at the location. They will make sure that their business is located at that place, where a large number of residents pass through. So, if there is a shopping mall near your condo, you automatically become a resident in the center of your city. You are in the vicinity of vital parts of the cities containing schools, business districts, and roads.

If you want to know a residential construction that is near to many shopping complexes, then-District 27 of Singapore has a brilliant option for you. Buy Amber Sea and turn your dream being into the heart of the city in reality.

  1. Extra access to shops and services

Did you ever need something in emergency and want it as soon as possible. But, the long route and driving time has become a hindrance? And it would have been frustrating if you drove to the complex and found that your desired products were out of stock!

In this case, living near a shopping complex earns a bonus. It would be a matter of walking just a few minutes away from your condo and you can get everything in your hand with no hassle.

  1. A shopping mall makes up a better landmark

You must understand the importance of a landmark. Every person coming to our house, asks for your landmark and it’ really becomes tough when there’s no such huge and popular landmarks available near us. A shopping mall can be the most popular infrastructure that is well renowned. You can easily tell your first-time visitors about that shopping complex as your visible landmark. As you will be living just near the complex, so you can reach them in no time once they arrive at the mall.

Buy Amber Sea condo and make yourself eligible for all these benefits. You will have effortless access to police and emergency services while living near a huge shopping mall. Some of the most popular shopping malls in the vicinity of Amber Sea condo are-

  • Katong shopping centre.
  • Paramount shopping centre
  • The Odeon Katong
  • Katong plaza
  • Parkway Parade
  • Roxy square 1
  • Suntec city
  • City square mall
  • Orchard Road etc