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Apartments in New Buildings – The Choice of Modern Man

Many architectural solutions, a variety of technologies and such different prices for developers – choosing an apartment in a new building is quite difficult. How to really find “your” home and make the right contribution to a happy life in a new place?

Start by monitoring the offers of turnkey development companies. So you do not have to make major repairs – the cooperation of such organizations with engineers and interior designers provides a quick home. Agree that moving to a brand new and ready to move in apartment is much more pleasant than spending time on repairs, not being able to arrange an apartment in a new building “from scratch”.

commodore condo showflat

Partial disadvantages and significant advantages of new apartments

The disadvantages of buying a home in a residential complex during the construction phase or immediately after its construction can be called the share of risk and a relatively high price. The first negative factor is minimized in the case of a contract with a verified developer.
As for the size of the investment, the cost per square meter is justified by the high quality of housing. There are many more positive moments for the future resident of the new building.

  • Freedom of choice of apartments in new buildings in Canberra. Buyers of second homes do not have the opportunity to consider the master plan and among the hundreds of options to choose the optimal planning.
  • Convenience in the financial aspect. Many developers offer instalments and reduce prices before commissioning.
  • 100% comfort technologies. Silent elevators, built-in ventilation, modern boilers – components of your future comfort.
  • Unique architecture. Author’s design makes every new building in Singapore special. The apartment ceases to be just housing and becomes a work of art.
  • Additional comfort solutions, such as underground parking and outdoor seating areas, also play an important role. If you want to save time and make a purchase quickly, then there is no room for doubt!

The Commodore residential complex has a very good geolocation, it is located in the heart of Canberra, district 27 of Singapore. On the territory of Canberra there are many alleys, old parks and estates, as well as walking areas on the embankments, which are places of attraction for city dwellers looking for peace and rest from the bustle of the city by the water. A large number of cultural heritage sites, educational and sports facilities are concentrated in the region.

The district has an almost homogeneous social stratum. And now Canberra is widely known for its solid contingent; a very large percentage of elite houses and residential complexes of premium and deluxe class are located in this area. At the same time, the area continues to be gradually built up, modern elite new buildings in Canberra are being erected on sites freed from industrial facilities and dilapidated buildings.

According to experts, today Singapore’s district 27 is undoubtedly the leader in the number of luxury real estate objects. The volume of supply of elite apartments in this area significantly exceeds similar offers in other elite areas of Singapore.

Another attractive investment offers are available in the residential complex The Avenir, which is under active construction. On sale are apartments of a small to premium size by the standards of elite housing and at a favourable cost. Visit  and know more about exclusive condos of The Avenir housing complex.

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