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Wasp control methods: Chemical and Folk Remedies

Who can spoil dinner, jam, juice or any manipulation of fruit? Summer residents and housewives guessed: we are talking about wasps and hornets. Insidious insects eat fruit, sit on the table and dishes, and interfere with work. To make the summer successful, and wasps bypassed your home, check out the methods of fighting insects.

Why did wasps appear?

Wasps are insects that you will find in almost every corner of the world. Their habitat is different, but often individuals settle near human dwellings. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Suitable locations for nesting: The female prefers to live in attics, under a roof, on the crowns of trees and bushes. Some insects build nests in the ground, near a vegetable garden or garden.
  2. Constant availability of food: It’s not just about plants and fruits. For insects, the larvae living in the garden are important for feeding the offspring. They also do not disdain food from the waste left after eating food by a person.

Why are wasps dangerous?

First of all, bites. It has been proven that wasp venom is more dangerous than bee venom. Another difference between insects is that the wasp does not have a stinger, so it is able to bite a person many times.

An encounter with one or more stinging insects can be fatal, as many people are prone to allergic reactions. There are many known cases of Quincke’s oedema and other unpleasant consequences of a bite. Therefore, even if you are not prone to allergies, avoid contact with pests.

Also wasps:

  • destroy the harvest of fruits, spoiling them with bites;
  • spoil food;
  • lead to the death of bees;
  • consume honey reserves in bee hives.

Organizational Wasp Control Methods

How to protect yourself and the site from the occurrence of wasps? One or two individuals won’t do much harm, but the colony poses a serious danger. It is important to know how to deal with pests.

  1. Mechanical traps are an effective method of dealing

Purchase a ready-made mechanical trap. It works effectively and gives one hundred percent results. There are a huge number of different types for different conditions – choose the right one.

  1. The use of chemicals

Wasps are aggressive, do not always die from purchased products, and it is also difficult to find their nests. A much greater guarantee of the destruction of insects is provided by the use of chemicals.

Insecticides are sold in specialty stores. They are sprayed or laid out in insect habitats. However, using chemistry on your own is not recommended. To protect yourself and your loved ones, entrust the procedure for destroying nests to bed bug removal.

  1. Biological protection against wasps

Another proven tool that can destroy the wasp population is biological drugs. These include:

  • pathogenic microorganisms;
  • fungi;

Biologicals look like microcapsules. Whenever possible, users place them in wasp’s nests or near their habitats. One capsule is capable of destroying an entire brood of insects. Drugs based on pathogenic microorganisms are not very common, so they are difficult to find.

There are many methods of dealing with wasps – everyone chooses the right one. Let’s say one thing: it is difficult to get rid of insects without pest control management experts. You can remove pests on your site, but guests from neighbours will fly to you. The best solution is for everyone to unite and call the pest control service, which will provide the whole village with calm and carefree summer.

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