Infrastructure in the New Building: What to Pay Attention To?

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Location of Canninghill Piers at Clarke Quay (image taken from

Investors carefully choose real estate and take into account many factors when choosing a condominium. One of the main principles is the convenience of life and the availability of the necessary infrastructure. Showflat appointment can be made on for those who are interested in living king like life.

To find a good option, you need to take a close look at the following aspects:

Social and Household Facilities near the Residential Building

Before investing in the construction of a new house, it is necessary to study the transport accessibility of the area and the availability of social infrastructure. First of all, they estimate the time of the trip to the nearest metro station. Optimally, the road should not take more than 20 minutes on a personal car. The presence of a number of schools, kindergartens, medical centres, sports clubs and beauty salons are also taken into account.

It is worth taking into consideration not only the presence of the infrastructure itself. It is necessary to find out whether there is a place in the kindergarten, how much to pay for admission to a private kindergarten, to clarify the cost of medical services in the nearest private clinic.

Canninghill Piers is a dream come true for whose who want to live in River Valley. Some condominiums of this luxury site are highly demanded by wealthy foreigners and wealthy Singaporeans. Located in the district 09 of Singapore area, Canninghill apartments offer best shopping options, reputable schools and lifestyle amenities.

Internal infrastructure

This includes the home area and a number of facilities, which are located five minutes away from their entrance. For example, it can be children’s and sports fields, mini-stadiums for different types of team games (football, volleyball, basketball), green areas, walking alleys. In addition, most residential complexes have several shops on site, bakeries, bars and cafes. Again, you need to know the cost of the main products.

When it comes to dining and shopping in district 09 of Singapore, there are ample of options to offer for the residents of Canninghill Piers. The best part is great World City is just few minutes away from your complex. The malls and shopping centres of Singapore are great attractions for everyone and living nearby them is not less than a boon. If you are making your mind to buy a residential condo, don’t forget to make appointment to view Canninghill Piers.

Infrastructure for motorists

With access roads and lighting at night, developers do not have problems. But with a place to store vehicles sometimes it is very difficult. This is especially true for multi-family new buildings of the economy class. Construction companies sell underground parking lots, ground parking lots and guest parking lots. In most cases, the place should be bought separately, but there are exceptions like Canninghill Piers. These deluxe condos are designed with convenient parking areas for the residents. The 6 km corridor is added to the area for a more natural and relaxing look.