Elite home: Luxury or Necessity?

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House is not just the residence of its owner; it is also a weighty statement about its status. It is characterized by non-standard creative architecture, detailed stylish interior furnishings, harmonious location in the environment. If you are planning to buy a residence in Singapore, don’t forget to view official website Pasir Ris 8: https://pasirrisnewcondo.com/. Every unit of Pasir Ris is designed with deluxe quality material and fittings.

Features of luxury homes like Paris Ris 8

Elite houses and cottages are built not on a typical, but on an individual project, taking into account all preferences of the customer. They are characterized by the following:

  • High-quality environmentally friendly materials are used in construction.
  • Equipment of the house and the whole territory with modern engineering systems with the ability to automatically control (automatic doors and gates, alarm system, ventilation system, warm floors, fire suppression system) a large area of the house, functional layout, the presence of a sauna, billiards, office and gymnasium.
  • Original interior design using the latest decorative and finishing materials.
  • Thoughtful zoning of the outer zone, with the location of the garage, pool, gazebos, guest house and rooms for security and attendants.
  • Landscape design, corresponding to the general design of the estate.

The strategic location of Pasir Ris condos is in close association with MRT station and future cross rale line. Not only this, you can also enjoy sea view from your apartment.

There are various malls near Pasir Ris 8 like 3-storey new shopping mall and white sand shopping mall.

Who to trust in a row?

Not any company can build luxury homes. After all, such a VIP project should have increased comfort and atypical architecture. Take the contractor’s choice seriously.

  • Look at the portfolio of houses built by them, evaluate the team’s experience in these kinds of orders.
  • Do not be lazy to drive up to one of the already surrendered objects, talk to the owner, get a live recommendation from him.
  • In the office, meet a designer and architect, a likely foreman.
  • Find out all about the building materials and engineering communications that the company uses, about its suppliers.
  • Even if you choose a reliable contractor, pay attention to the key points of construction and finishing, ask questions, clarify and check.
  • If panoramic glazing, second light are included in the project, make sure it does not adversely affect the insulation and microclimate of the house,
  • Balconies, loggias, patio create a unique architectural look, but whether they are suitable for your climate. What materials will be used in the finish? Make sure they are functional and easy to operate.

Of course, everything is impossible to foresee, and during the construction, and in the subsequent operation of the house may arise unexpected moments. Therefore, immediately include in the contract with the contractor post-guarantee maintenance of buildings and systems.

Another option is to view Paris Ris 8 and purchase a condo for comfortable living at affordable prices. It is a new mixed commercial development from Allgreen and Kerry Properties.