Learning English In Singapore: A Glance At The Best Institutes

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English is the second most important and popular language in the world amongst native and foreign speakers. It is one of the primary languages of communication in the world both personal and professional as recognised by the United Nations and the languages empower people to seamlessly conduct business dealings, communication, and cultural exchange.

There are so many countries in the world whose national language is not English but the official or formal language for communication is English. Learning English for fruitful comprehension and delivery is crucial in all these countries including Singapore and there are plenty of institutes who cater to this. So, how to learn English in Singapore is never a challenge, despite Malay being their National language.

There are so many popular and eminent institutes that offer English learning courses in Singapore. To start with, the British Council in Singapore offers well-designed courses at all levels. The eminent institute offers face to face learning workshops and online courses which one can take up from anywhere; be it home, workplace, or any quiet cafe Singapore.

With a strong base of English language, you will be able to take on any courses or degrees in Singapore, including data analytics courses.

Learning English at British Council, Singapore

British Council in Singapore has more than 70 years of expertise in imparting training on the English language, and which are taken by more than 100 million learners in the world, every year. Their proficient and highly skilled faculties offer a gripping, interactive classroom and online English classes and courses. Both the courses are engaging, collaborative, and empowers learners to speak, write, and comprehend English in the best possible manner.

There are mainly two types of courses: online and face to face or classroom. These are short-duration workshops that enhance communication skills, delivery, and grasp on the language. The courses designed for business communication, IELTS preparation, and generic English language development. English language courses are designed both for adults and kids. While these modules are for adults, British Council has special programs for kindergarten, primary and high school kids which they can take up during their holidays. There are special classes for speech and drama too.

Inlingua School of Languages, Singapore

Inlingua is another very popular language institute in Singapore. Located in Cuppage Road, Inlingua offers learning modules on all languages of the world. From French, German, Spanish, Chinese to Dutch, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek and Indonesian; everything is taught here. English language courses at Inlingua are popular not only in Singapore but in Asia and this is one of the best places to learn English in Singapore. Inlingua is known for offering full-time, part-time, and individual tuitions in English; both classroom and online. They also offer special English language modules for preparations of IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and the Cambridge ESOL.

Inlingua currently provides top-notch remote and blended language learning programs that can run in personal electronic devices.