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How to save money for wedding photography


If you are reading this article, I know you want your wedding day will be a success. I bet you are in the best path in writing the memories of your big day. To avoid any vices, you need to plan everything and make sure all scarce resources fit in well .photography if not planned well can ruin your wedding by biting extra share in your tight budget. This is a guidance on how you will be able to save but before that it is better you involve all close friends and family in budgeting and all the preparations. This brings us to the first point.

Start with the person next to you.

Always use friend and friends of friends for referrals and ask for discounts. Leave every negotiation to friends but constraint them to the tight budget. They will try the best to convince a photographer at an affordable price.

Ask friend take photo, treat for a meal $20 SGD 

Average photographers have between 4 to 9 years of experience. They don’t ask much than $1,500. Professionals always are expensive as they come up with a very big team of assistants just to make you hefty offer is well-taken care off. They cost at least $2,500 Am sure there must be another way. Hire the digital cameras and lenses, lighting tool and memory storage devices. Recruit about two friends that you think suitable for the job and take the shoot offs just for practices. Rent the user manuals, the e-books and video tutorials just to prepare them for the job. After the photos are taken, you can process them, edit the using computer software like Photoshop and the print them at cheaper costs.

Just hire local talent.

Hire people from your geographical location to cut expenses of transportation and class. You can also be able to be given a discount that will sum up you saves in the budget. M.C.s and the local DJ should also be decent but affordable too. Remember, this is your big day. Avoid expensive offers. If you have a friend who is a DJ, then you have the best option. I am sure he/she would not ask too much. Treat him/her with a lot of care and love. Explore around places to shop in cheaper shops

Buy wedding grow from China online market, $200 sgd

Shop online and exploit the market. Compare prices and always go for less. If there exists voucher offers the do not hesitate to take the. Wedding always grow goes for $1000-$1500 in most shops. Saving as much as $800 will be very useful.

Rent a photo studio, 2 hours, $70sgd   

A well established and big photo studios have relatively higher rental rates. Always target the upcoming studios as they will be relatively cheaper. Photo studio rental Singapore cost $35 per hour, other charges like lighting tools are charged separately. This is a bit expensive. Compare the rental photo studios rates around your place and save extra $30-$50 per hour.

Hire a freelance make-up artist, $50sgd

Always book early. I understand that the make-up artist will need to secure your date on her book, and sometimes nominal deposits are made. 20%-30% of the original price. You are probably to be awarded booking discounts. Freelancer make-up artists are many and always competing. Am sure you will be able to hire one for at least $50. Normally, they charge a bout $100-$160

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How to Choose Men’s Watches?

Watch is one indispensable accessory for men and the importance of watches to men could compare to that of jewelries to women. Telling time accurately is the most function of the watch, but this is not the only aspect that men would take into consideration when they sourcing the perfect watches wholesale trade.

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The types of men’s watches

One classification method is to divide watches into 2 parts: mechanical and quartz. The prior difference between mechanical and quartz watches is the working mechanism. The movement, the brain part of one watch that measures and displays accurate time, of mechanical watches lies in the wound spring, rather than vibrating mineral, commonly battery, which is utilized by quartz watches. The quartz watch gets its name from key part of the inside working mechanism -vibrating mineral. The in-order working of quartz watches rely on the replacement of battery, while the mechanical ones do not and the functionality is largely depending on the craftsmanship and manufacture technology. Due to this fact, the mechanical type costs much more than quartz ones. The mechanical watches would be in service for several generations although they may require for maintain once in a while. For small businesses, however, quartz may be more suitable for its economic price. With the development of watch craftsmanship, it can not only tell time but also detailed date, direction, weather and so on. Quartz watches that equipped with wearable belt material, good craft and the function customers need could also be the favorite stuff in wholesale trade as they have long period life time.

The correct size of men’s watches

After deciding the type or style of watches preferred, then the size should be next element to consider about. In terms of the size of men’s watches for small businesses, it contains the difference in diameter and thickness of dial case, belt width. The variation of the case diameter of men’s watches is from 6 inches to 7.5 inches. For wholesale trade, people may believe that they should the medium sizes to meet the most customers’ needs but actually lager sized could also be one option for larger case diameters are not only suitable for larger wrists and they can be worn by thin wrist to make a casual over-size look. The difference may not that obvious and it mainly reflects in the detailed thickness dimension. To choose the watches’ case thickness is depending on the wearing situation. Wearing it in the environment that is likely to have crashes, then the larger thickness would be necessary. To some degree, men with small wrist should pay attention to watches of thick cases. The choice of band width is same as that principle. Small wrist people should avoid wider band. The main category of band width includes 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm.

Choosing the correct and fitting size is quite essential to make the watch to be an embellishment of the overall look. Watch is a worthwhile long-term investment as almost every type is not limited by different season and men can definitely wear one favorite watch for whole year.


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