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How to choose a computer for school

How-to-choose-a computer-for-school

How to choose a computer school, a lot of students have raised such a question. So here, the teacher for “how to choose to support computer school!
An excellent training institutions need to have at least ten basic conditions, to participate in IT training students, according to the following standards, to choose.
How to choose a computer for school — look at the brand
First of all, to understand the history of the school and the status quo, as well as the idea of running a school. Try to choose a long history, brand and credibility of the better schools. Be sure to find a school, the training institutions in the small area is best not to choose, to go to a regular school more assured. First class school is to do the brand, the education industry is the most important thing is integrity, reputation is a school of the most important things, so often have negative news of the school do not choose.
And the relevant departments of the news industry for the audit is very strict.
Students to choose the training institutions, in addition to attention to the cost of study, should pay close attention to the composition of the cost of the study, and whether it is reasonable, good products and services prices should not too low, accordingly, if the price is low, products and services is likely to also will corresponding discount. Reasonable training costs, should be combined with employment services, curriculum system, educational system, certificates, teachers and so on, rather than simply to cost for the selection of training institutions, the only standard.
Conclusion: the tuition fee should be proportional to the employment service, curriculum system, educational system and certificate of the school.

Where is the teacher from? Is there any project experience? Is there a teaching and research institution? Is the curriculum system reasonable? These are the foundation of achievement skills. Computer industry is changing from day to day, computer technology every day are in innovation, like traditional Chinese University lecturer of computer professional, most of them are on the age old pedagogue, before they may is the computer industry, a senior expert Professor, but the updating speed of college textbooks is far from the reality of computer technology update speed, now University Department of computer science teacher is still day-to-day speak antiquated computer technology and principle, so it caused the fault disconnection between university students and social reality, college students employment difficult situation. Can see how the teacher’s level is the key, a good teacher to attract the old teacher, to the IT field of the elite to dig up when the teacher’s school is really a good school.

Sharp tools make good work Teaching equipment is the basis for ensuring the teaching results, good education must have good hardware facilities, hardware facilities is a good platform for students to practice. Some computer schools is an empty building, some schools will be imposed on the hardware implementation of the students, so that students buy their own computer, so the school students choose to pay special attention to the. Computer schools can not guarantee that the student’s hand a machine, can guarantee the students hands-on practice time, is the key to choose the school.

A good learning environment and learning atmosphere is to decide whether students can learn, learn the essence of Guan Jian. Whether there is a elegant and comfortable space, whether separate teaching professional, learning atmosphere is strong, whether the teachers attentively treat each student, room exercises tutor is careful guidance, students on the machine class is orderly? All of these conditions will affect the students’ study and life. Some vocational school with any major open, as long as it is popular professional, regardless of whether they have no teachers, and there is no ability, unconditional offer, as long as the students pay close, this “comprehensive” vocational school, do not choose. Such as some schools can not only teach the computer, but also opened a beauty salons, cook, automotive, welding, excavators, English, Japanese, and so on, so many of the professional in the same school learning, the school is no good learning atmosphere. The students should also pay attention to, only to cultivate professional talents!

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